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"What I hear, I forget. What I see, I remember. What I do, I understand."
-- Confucius--

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Aptitude is our flagship training service that offers customized, experiential instruction on various management topics.

​With aptitude, our trainings will be delivered both online (and in-house for organizations), at a fraction  of what is chaged in the market.


  1. Human Resources

  2. General Management and Administration

  3. Sales and Marketing

  4. Personal Effectiveness

  5. Microsoft Office Suite


Our consultants/trainers are highly qualified and have extensive industry and training experience in both local and multinational settings.

We intend to deliver training that will impact positively on your business and result in increased employee effectiveness.

Training Expertise

HR and HR Related





Sales and


For a complete list of all training under the various expertise, click the tiles below or download our PDF