2018 -19 Annual Compensations Surveys

The Opus Peritia Salary Survey is an annual exercise to collect, analyze and disseminate salary data from various industries in Ghana.  The survey considers all existing industries in the country and invites interested organizations and institutions - private or public - to take part in it.

How it Works

Opus Peritia collects real data on hundreds of job titles from more than 200 companies in industries across the country by inviting participant organizations in November to take part in the survey. Participation is entirely free.

Our analysts then sort and conduct  comprehensive analyses on the data to pull out average, minimum and maximum pay for all roles, their compa ratio, jobs that lead, lag or match the market etc.

This is compiled into a National Salary Data Report and a Industry Specific Salary Data Report. Each participant organization is given a free copy of its Industry Salary Data Report


Benefits of being a participant organization


  • Get up to 50% discount on final National Salary Data Report - original value is GHS 7,500

  • Get up to 25% on customized Salary Reports - valued at GHS 3,500

  • Get a free copy of your Industry Specific Salary report - original value is GHS 2,500