PHRi/SPHRi Certification

Test Prep Application

How to Apply

Congratulations on your decision to enhance your Human Resource Management career by earning a recognized and trusted HR Credential from HR Certification Institute®(HRCI®).

Kindly review the minimum requirement for each course.

Requirements For Associate Professional In Human Resources (aPHRi)

- Bachelor's Degree or HND (in any field)

-No experience required

Requirements For Professional In Human Resources (PHRi)

- Master's Degree + 1 year HR practice

- Bachelor's Degree or HND (in any field) + 2 years HR Practice

- High School Diploma + 4 years HR practice

Requirements For Senior Professional In Human Resources (SPHRi)

- Master's Degree + 4 years HR Practice or

- Bachelor's Degree + 5 years HR practice

- High School Diploma + 7 years HR practice

Step 1:

The cost of registration is free.


Click on the Register button to be redirected to the registration page or call +233 209624640 to have a hard copy delivered to your inbox.


Fill out the form and return to

Note: Registration is required to be enrolled into the class.

Step 2:

Make payment through one of our channels


  • Through ACH or Direct Deposit to bank account

      GT Bank Account 2061137199110

      Opus Peritia H. C. Advisor


  • Via MTN or Vodafone Mobile Money (West and East Africa only).

      Kindly contact Opus Peritia prior to using Mobile Money.

Step 3:

Once payment is made, you will be provided with the following:

  • Student ID number and Login for Aptitude.

  • Unique Zoom link for weeknight classes (online students only)

  • Entrance pass (in-person students only)

  • Schedule of class dates and times

Step 4:

Attend first class to confirm seat and close registration.