"Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run (over) if you just sit there”
 --Will Rogers--

Having the requisite knowledge in any business function provides some level of confidence in navigating the complexities of any firm. However, doing business today requires that the organization and its human capital have the capabilities that will drive their strategy to achieve its objectives.


At Opus Peritia, we offer top notch customized management consulting services to a variety of organizations.

These include but are not limited to:

  • HR Audits and Surveys

  • Job Evaluations & Salary Surveys

  • Workforce Rationalization and Restructuring

  • Performance Management System Design

  • HR Systems and Policies

  • Compensation and Benefits Design

  • Competency Framework Development

  • Culture Transformation

  • Employee Engagement

  • Management Research Services

  • HR Technical Assistance


Like all our services, we work together with you to identify the peculiar challenges within your firm and propose innovative solutions to address them. Opus Peritia intends to be with you in the long haul; to advice, guide, and execute the solutions that yield the desired results.

Our Approach

Opus Peritia will initially assign a lead consultant, to gather data on issues faced by the client. This data is then analyzed by the lead consultant and other experts from Opus Peritia if need be, and a solution or set of solutions is proposed.


Once client agrees to the proposal, a joint team is formed, comprising of consultants from Opus Peritia and members of the client. The joint team formation is to enable a smooth transfer of skill from Opus Peritia to the client hence making them own the entire project.

We also believe this will minimize the need to call us again for the same problem.

Opus Peritia, also offers up to three months post implementation support for all consulting engagements

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