Welcome to the Future of Training

With all our instructor-led and online, you don't need to pay for travel,lodging or feeding. We will give you live, on-demand and in-person interactions at a  fraction of what the market takes.

Welcome to Aptitude

This is the future of Learning. Online, On-Demand and Instructor-led

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Aptitude is not just an online learning platform. It is our redesign of what training should be.


Imagine cutting down on lodging, transport and feeding but the same quality of training - plus, access to your instructor at no extra cost.

It is being able to attend training without sacrificing work.

It is learning at your own pace, receiving feedback, and perfecting your skill. With our no deadline policy, every purchase gives you access to the instructor for that lesson for eternity. You will be guided, and coached till you get that skill right and functioning.


Aptitude will host all our trainings and certifications through the internet and regular scheduled in-person meetings for select courses.


Some of our courses will adopt a blended approach of instruction - typically 50% online, 20% in-person, and  30% on-demand (pre-recorded)

It cover a wide range of HR and Management-themed topics and more will be added in the days.

Click here to see which courses will be online, on-demand or in-person

Will we customize lessons? Yes!

Our team will be available to design any training for you, to be delivered either online and in-person.

To have a tailored program for your organization, please click here and a representative will get back to you.

What will we teach?...

All our old topics plus new ones. See below for a list

  1. HR and HR related

  2. General Management and Administration

  3. Sales and Marketing

  4. Personal Effectiveness

  5. Microsoft Office Suite

See here for current programs in production for online.

To request for customized training, contact us here.


Training Areas

HR and HR Related





Sales and


For a complete list of all training under the various expertise, click the tiles below or download our PDF