Opus Peritia Human Capital Advisors (OP), a fully-owned Ghanaian management consulting firm specializing in HR Consulting, Organizational Development, and Executive Search Services.


At Opus Peritia, we develop high-impact learning content that addresses the critical skills gap for the growing organization and deliver it through our flagship training service known as Aptitude. Our trainings are innovative, task-driven and participant-focused, and readily available to small and medium-sized companies.

Our Mission


OP’s mission is to provide Management and HR solutions that transform local and foreign business on the African continent. We envision a continent whose businesses have access to world class management practices and advisory services, is sustainable over the long term, and with high profitability.

Our Values

We are governed by our core values, which shape our culture, underpin the way we behave and determine how we make decisions:

We take responsibility (Accountability)
We are individually and collectively accountable for what we do - to our clients, our colleagues, and the communities where we work. If we fall short, we own up, fix the problem, and get it right the next time.

We always find a way (Resourcefulness)
We think innovatively to reach a solution. We do not stop because there are no defined paths. Every task is a learning opportunity for us, and our team will explore all avenues to find the solutions that brings the most profit.

We promote quality (Excellence)
We maintain and promote professional standards in everything we do. We demand of ourselves the highest technical and professional standards. We celebrate innovation, learning, and service. We have an unwavering desire to “stretch,” as individuals and as an organization.

We commit to the outcome (Achievement)
We take pride in delivering our best to achieve results. For us, we only win when you win, hence we consider every task as a “must be finished at all cost” project. We will not leave you have half way, and will try all avenues for you to win.

Our Approach


Our engagement with you will commence with a joint team formation between you and us. We will hide nothing in our interactions and expect that you will do same for maximum results.


Our team will assess your needs and design a solution that addresses your challenges and fits your budget.

We will measure the outcome of any assignment with you to ensure that we are on track and that as a team, you are making progress.

We will offer up to three months post implementation support for our consulting and tailored training programs. This is to enable the transfer of skills from our team to your employees and thus ensure effective application for the desired result.

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